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The Future of Personal Digital Assistants

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oday, an average person can have over a dozen individual tasks that need to be completed in any single day. Food shopping, going to work, making dinner, picking up kids from school, going to the gym, seeing a stylist, planning a vacation, doing homework, and so on. As our lives get busier and more fast-paced, we start to rush through things, which often results in lower attention to detail and subsequent less than optimal results.

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Smart Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are Coming!

Smart Chatbots and Virtual Assistants are Coming

Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have created an environment ripe for inventors and entrepreneurs seeking to create automated chat engines which can almost mimic human behavior. Since Microsoft first released Clippy, their Office Assistant, professionals everywhere have been realizing the beneficial potential of a virtual assistant. Nowadays, most prominent websites feature some kind …