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How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Businesses

Advances in emerging technologies have created an environment ripe for inventors and entrepreneurs seeking to create innovative solutions and products which are designed to improve and better existing business processes. The role of Digital Transformation can be thought of as a process facilitating the shift towards more efficient and productive ways of doing things. In this article, we will review some of the more recent advancements in emerging technologies which are helping businesses transform their operations.

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Systems Thinking


Systems Thinking is not about systems or even about technology, although its origins started in that domain. Systems Thinking is about seeing the world from a 30,000 foot view. The idea behind this concept started in information management, where technologists needed to understand the full big picture in order to design individual parts of a …

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How to Adopt New Technology

How to Adopt New Technology

The process by which organizations and people adopt technology is a well-studied phenomenon, yet a lot of organizations operate seemingly in the dark without a proper methodology or model, often leaving them with tools which have little use or systems which are nearing the end of their lifespan soon after they are launched. It’s no …

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Can AI Improve Marketing Outcomes?

AI in Marketing

Marketing industry has been one of the first areas where digitization and automation have taken place. As internet usage exploded and the number of digital advertising channels has grown to large proportions, it became obvious that marketers needed complex and effective tools to help them manage things like media buying, user analytics, consumer journeys and …

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2016 Roundup of Marketing Intelligence Platforms

E-Commerce industry grew substantially over the last decade. Ever since marketers and merchandisers started tracking user behavior through tracking pixels and cookies, they have been struggling with making sense of the data which was collected. Then came Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning and finally AI in an effort to provide ever more increasing intelligent insights …