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How to Adopt New Technology

How to Adopt New Technology

The process by which organizations and people adopt technology is a well-studied phenomenon, yet a lot of organizations operate seemingly in the dark without a proper methodology or model, often leaving them with tools which have little use or systems which are nearing the end of their lifespan soon after they are launched. It’s no …

Artificial Intelligence

Will AI Make Your Company Better?

Myths about artificial intelligence (AI) have made many professionals fearful about how their roles may be impacted. However, this is not an entirely new phenomenon. Major shifts in productivity have occurred in the past, usually coinciding with industrial revolutions, and indeed these shifts did transform entire professions. Eventually, AI may affect almost every occupation, but …

Digital Transformation

Innovation Driven Retail

Innovation Driven Retail

It has been over twenty years since retailers and manufacturers started selling their products online. We have gone through the periods of explosive growth and rapid declines, aka dot com bust. Regardless of the times and business models, technologies which drive consumer purchasing behavior continue to develop. As the technology and platforms continue to evolve …


Site Launch Process for Consumer Brands

Launching a new web presence for well known consumer brand is easy, right? It could be, if you design the process which works. The key to a successful site launch process lies in following an established methodology or SDLC. That should be no brainer with so many approaches, both Agile and not. The reality is …